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OpenStack VXLAN with single-NIC compute nodes

In my previous post on “OpenStack: MTU pitfalls with tunnels”, I mentioned the current difficulties in setting up an OpenStack overlay network with single-NIC compute nodes, which are caused by “mixing” native and encapsulated traffic on the same LAN. Also, I briefly sketched an idea to eliminate any MTU inconsistencies by splitting the external network into VLANs with different MTUs for native and encapsulated traffic.

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OpenStack VXLAN: VLAN configuration tips for single-NIC setups

This page provides some VLAN configuration tips for the setup described in my post “OpenStack VXLAN with single-NIC compute nodes”.

A great reference for the OVS VLAN configuration is the “Port TABLE” section of the ovs-vswitchd.conf.db(5) man page, which shows the VLAN-related port attributes (vlan_mode, tag, trunks), followed by a detailed description of the 4 VLAN modes (trunk, access, native-tagged, native-untagged) and the native VLAN concept.

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OpenStack: MTU pitfalls with tunnels

Overlay tenant networks based on VXLAN and GRE tunnels have become extremely popular in OpenStack due to their flexibility and scalability.

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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog on networking and more!

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